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If your child is telling you that they can’t see the board at school or you are experiencing trouble reading a book, it might be time to see your local optometrist office. Abel Klecker & Robbins should be the first name on your list if you live in Lexington, KY. Our professional and friendly optometrists will not only help you see clearly again but will give you peace of mind that you will experience lifelong visual health.

At our office, we treat the entire family, including toddlers, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens. It is imperative that children and teenagers receive annual exams to ensure their vision is not deteriorating in any way. We provide a number of services, including eye exams, dry eye treatment, astigmatism treatment, and sore eye diagnosis and treatment. In addition, we offer treatment for eye emergencies.

Our office was founded in 1955 by Dr. Abel and has grown through the years to include Dr. Klecker and Dr. Robbins. Our doctors and staff have years of experience in the field, and they never stop learning about the newest techniques and tools available.

Our staff can easily help you, no matter what your eye care needs are. Call our office today to schedule your next eye exam. 


We take the time to listen to your concerns and experiences to better treat you. From your responses, we recommend the best product or treatment based on your habits and lifestyle.

Eye for Detail

The eye is one of the most important organs of the human body, as well as one of the most complex. Our doctors not only pay close attention to how well you can see but also to the shape of your eye and how light is hitting the back of it. Only trust the professionals when it comes to your eyesight. 


At our practice, we have years of experience and will put those years to work for you and your family. We were founded in 1955 by Dr. Abel and have expanded to include both Dr. Klecker and Dr. Robbins.